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MAGELLAN!!!!!! Oh my goodness,how did you get in here anyway? We are all Garmin folks....lol Just kidding,but the majority of us are Garmin owners but don't let that get in the way. I'm sure you must have other bad habits as well....lol Welcome aboard....
Yeah, going into this whole GPSr and geo-caching thing I realized that the Garmin folks really seem to outnumber the Magellan folks . . . but I liked the look of the Magellan Colour screen (I'm mesmerized by pretty colors), price on-line and the map program that came with it as I originally bought the GPSr to do some maps for the ATV Club and Snowmobile Club . . . and to track where I've traveled . . . figured the geo-caching thing would just help me justify the purchase.

Oh and as for bad habits . . . I've got a lot of 'em and buying Magellan is the least of them!