Recently I've started looking into getting a new GPS unit - I currently use an ancient Garmin 12, which has served me well but I have started finding (or rather, not finding ) more and more caches in places with poor coverage such as dense foliage or at the base of cliffs.

I've noticed that everyone seems to love the Garmin 60CSx, but blowing almost $400 on what amounts to a one-purpose toy seems a tad harsh. And although some people seem confused about this, the eTrex "x"-series (Venture/Vista/Legend Cx) do not use the SiRFstar III chip.

I've done my homework and decided that a unit with the SiRFstar III chip definitely seems the best option currently available. I've also looked for handheld units using it, but therein I've mostly failed... I can find a few units over $300, and I can find literally dozens of receiver-only (as in, you need to plug it into a laptop or PDA) units for under $100, but nothing comparable to my trusty Garmin 12 - Just a basic standalone GPS unit that tells me my current location and has some simple waypoint and navigation functionality.

I don't care in the least about maps, or battery life (as long as it takes AAs - If it has a built-in battery, the runtime obviously matters far more), or a barometer, or the rest of the bells-and-whistles that have no relevance to finding caches. And I'd obviously like to pay as little as possible, in the sub-$100 range ideally, not more than $200 if possible.

So... Does what I want exist, or, like cellphones , can you no longer get one that doesn't have a million useless battery-sucking features that you get to pay for whether you want them or not?