Lee and I were caching the coast yesterday down to Port Clyde and nearly went to Monhegan but it was too late in the day. Then we decided it might be a fun trip for a group of us to take in the near future.

While we would have shipped out of Port Clyde yesterday, it seems Boothbay would be a wiser choice as it's closer access to the highway.

From Boothbay, the trip would cost $32 per adult and children 3-11 is $18. Maybe not the cheapest caching trip, but it could still be fun.

The trip would take up most of the day. full details are here.

Departs Pier 8 Boothbay Harbor 9:30am
Arrives Monhegan Island 11:00am
Departs Monhegan Island 2:45pm
Arrives Pier 8 Boothbay Harbor 4:15pm
85 minute ride each way

There are 3 caches on the island, two regular and one virt. It will involve a few miles of walking. It could be a nice cache on your Delorme Challenge (map 8) list!

Monhegan Magic (GC9216) by Anderson (2.5/5)
Shipwreck of the D.T. Sheridan (GC93D6) by hockamock (1/1)
Monhegan Moonwatch (GCQ5M8) by Green Flashlight (2/2.5)

We are unsure of a date yet. Hopefully sometime in August. Does anyone think they would be interested or have any thoughts or ideas?