Hi there...I'm new to GPSing, but I LOVE gadgets(one of my many hobbies being remote controlled flying). Well, I bought my first GPS down in florida a couple of weeks ago, a TomTom, and it saved my life, so to speak. I'm a horrible traveler, and get totally stressed out when I don't know where I am. So I finally made up my mind, ignored the wife saying that it's way too expensive and that we don't need it, got directions from the front desk to the local BestBuy, got lost TWICE heading there, bought it, and the stress was INSTANTLY lifted. After buying that one, I knew I had to buy a hand held one..can't get enough of this stuff.

I heard about Geocaching from one of my customers in Lee who bought some chinese coins to put into some of these places.

So I'm hoping someone can help me with the edicate about the cache's. Is it a take and item and leave an item, or just leave an item? Are there groups to join?

Well, thanks for reading, hope to hear from someone, or anyone. Oh yeah...my name is Gene, I live in Brewer and my yahoo name is rc_pilot04401. Sorry if this micro-book doesn't make too much sense...it's still early for me, even though it 930, it is the weekend and I should still be sleeping.