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Thread: Geocaching Trip (Thanks, Starzz!)

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    Default Geocaching Trip (Thanks, Starzz!)

    Rulost2? and I just returned from a 4-day caching trip to southeastern New Brunswick, Canada. We've been there several times before, but each trip is great. We stayed on Deer Island - a really beautiful place - and took the free ferry to the mainland and back each day. (There are also nominal-cost ferries to Eastport, Maine and Campobello Island, NB) On our last day - Thursday - we had tentatively arranged to meet with well-known Campobello cacher Starzz, but were without internet access for most of the trip, and cell phone access is iffy at best, so we didn't make contact. But we took the first ferry from Deer Island to Campobello, and there was Starzz waiting for us at the landing (We'd never met her before, but I guess the GOCACHE plate was a giveaway).

    Anyway, Starzz was great company and escorted us to several Campobello caches. We encourage everyone to try and make a trip to Campobello. Starzz has sme great caches and the scenery is beautiful (but please - don't everyone impose on Starzz! LOL!)

    Thanks, Starzz!

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    I have met 8 cachers so far this summer, and each one of them has been different and great fun! I really enjoy meeting other cachers, cause there is very few in this area. I have fun going with them searching for my caches.

    The best part is when they buy my breakfast and then an ice cream in the afternoon - hehehe!!!


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    Thumbs up I'll second that

    I was on Campobello on July 9 and had a great time caching on the island.

    This was my second trip to Campobello. Truly enjoyed, Cranberry Point, Raccoon Beach, Schooner Cove, Herring Cove, Campobello Island Car Ferry, and Head of the Harbor Wharf caches this time.

    Sadly I did not have any access to the internet and never got to meet Starzz.

    Perhaps on a future visit.

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    Campobello Island should be on the list of "must go to places" for every Maine cacher . . . there are some great places to visit and the pace of the place is wonderful. I always find myself recharged when I come back from there.
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