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Thread: Team Training for Geocaching

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    Arrgh, This all sounds like another episode of Surivor or better yet, Amazing Race to me!

    As I sit here and watch, Geocaching Maine is the one I'm rooting for!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tat
    What we need to do is find a way to get the Alpha Dogs get things started, the Idea people to come up with good ideas and wacky ideas. Then let the Analyzers hash out what will really work. The Get ‘Er Done people will probably have a clear consensus and may not need to vote.
    This is true with many polls we do. Often it seems we vote, then our opinion sways depending on others input. Opinions should be presented first, then a vote taken.

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    Default Fun to watch

    As a certified corporate trainer, one of my specialties is training other trainers. We call it T3, or Train-The-Trainer. This is just like work, only I too am rooting for a winner. Geocaching Maine. You are on the right track. Come up with ideas, good, bad, wacky, whatever. Then present a few of them. Get some feedback and try again. Viola!!
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    We need to be able to make decisions as a group. And, let's face it, decisions can't always be unanimous. But, if we come up with a process that is fair and we can all accept, we'll be much more likely to support the outcome.

    So, if we try using the ideas suggested so far, we need to come up with ideas to go from beginning to end.


    Present ideas, good, bad, wacky, whatever..
    Have a clear way to end the idea phase and move on to discussion.

    Have an equally clear way to end the discussion and pick the idea(s) that best represents what everyone wants.

    Decide who should get to vote and vote. Again, we need to be clear about when the vote process is done so we can announce a final decision.

    Allow for new ideas to come into the process.

    Allow the process to be repeated, like the state does with referendums.

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