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Thread: Pull a Travel Bug from a cache

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuddsGirls
    I went into my travel bugs, and chose the appropriate one. Under Travel Bug Options I hit add log entry and just took it like I found it. Sorry but I can't seem to find the option to mark it missing. Doesn't matter though I guess.
    We lost T-i-gg-e-r. I marked him as missing and sent him to TB heaven. You do what seems right for you and your TB. Sorry about the loss.
    Why not live life like it is your last day....instead of pretending to be a member of the Peter Pan Club and believing you will be around forever.

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    Thanks to Ranman's step by step, I didn't realize that the recalculate distance was a pull down menu. I took the TB in a log form but then went back and marked it missing. Its long gone anyway, no more collectable coins as bugs for me.

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