I'm curious as to what procedures most cachers use to find a cache.I do mine just one step above the cavemen(I have a printer)they I believe had to use cave drawings.But seriously,I print out the pages,with the clue decrypted,hand load the info into my etrex.Depending on the circumstances I may or maynot use the clue,micros I do,and if I'm trying to do a lot of caches in a day I do.On the other hand if doing a ammo can,and not in a hurry I love to find it without a clue.

Discussing this with a friend the other day ,he feels you should look for the cache a minimum of of an hour or so ,before using the clue.He uses his mapping programs to pin point the cache,before he ever goes to look for it.Which I feel takes away from the hunt.

My cache Vic's Challenge is all about the clue,I had the clue first then designed the cache around it.Lots of micros i've done are that way,the clue makes the cache.

What are your thoughts. Vic