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you wasn't in town? (it's sunday, the derby is today, we're in the college computer lab now) The derby sucked... they tagged all smart fish this year... a geocaching derby?? nobody mentioned anything about that... well it's 12:00 and no one took us up on the offer, so we're gunna go get some pizza now.
D'oh . . . for some reason I thought the fishing derby was on Saturday. I noticed a lot of college students were back for the weekend with canoes and kayaks in tow or on the roof racks.

I haven't heard of anyone yet that has hooked one of those four-year free tuition fish yet . . . I'm thinking they've tagged a Great White with that prize and there's no way anyone's going to haul that bad boy in.

Yes . . . a year or two ago they offered both the fishing derby and geocaching derby . . . I suspect they might not have got a lot of takers on the geocaching derby or maybe it didn't offer the same challenge as the fishing derby and they may have scuttled it . . . all speculation on my part however since I honestly don't know anything other than the fact that they did do a geocaching derby once before.

Was the pizza any good . . . I was in on Thursday and bought a large hamburg pizza, honey-BBQ wings and a chance at winning free pizza for a year (I didn't win though . . . the folks probably thought it would be bad economically for them if they had to supply me with free UHOP pizza for a year as it would have cut into their income.)