This past weekend I was riding on the ATV and of course I had my Magellan with me. As some of you know originally I purchased this GPSr because I was tired of getting lost. For the past year I've really liked the software that came with the bundle -- Mapsend Direct Route -- and found few faults . . . until Saturday.

On Saturday we stopped beside Deer Lake which is a pretty significant body of water and my software did not show the lake . . . whereas another member of the ATV Club showed this lake and several others that my software failed to show.

While I love the DirectRoute software as it allows me to auto-route (turn by turn directions to waypoints) I'm thinking that since I also purchased this unit for use in the woods maybe I should get some new software for use while ATVing, hiking, etc.

So here's my questions . . .

1. Does anyone have experience with Mapsend Topo (3D or the older versions)?

2. Does anyone have experience with Delorme's Topo USA-East?

I'm curious what folks think of these programs -- good or bad. Delorme is quite a bit cheaper.

Finally, a question for Magellan users most likely, can we switch back and forth between software systems? For example, can I use my Direct Route software for caching and then use topo software for ATVing and switch back and forth depending on what I'm doing?