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Thread: Bad Rest Area Caches

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoMaine
    Rick, you probably should go through all of the posts and actually READ them (not just skim them) before you make a blanket statement like that? Not just the last page. ALL of them. I have and there are many examples.

    Better yet, just delete both my posts, it's immediately obvious I'm not ever going to be welcome here with an opinion that isn't shared by the masses.

    BTW: Even using the word 'preference' is showing your bias against gay and lesbian couples. To suggest that they somehow 'chose' their sexual orientation is no different than someone suggesting that you 'chose' to be 'straight'.
    You have your own web site to Sh*t on folks... DO IT THERE!

    And Yes I would say it is a fair assumption that you wont be.

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    I am closing this thread before it gets out of hand.
    Blazing Troll

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