After many emails and no responses from the owner and later conversations with GPSFUN, the Carmel Rest Stop cache has been archived. This is a result of many logs concerning workers stopping cachers from finding the cache. The cache had been placed in a sensitive area (near their well) and the area had been blocked off.

I met with the MDOT supervisor today, and he chose to remove the archived cache from it's location. We discussed at length about the people who had attempted to access and why they were stopped. The MDOT workers do not want people walking across the leachfield or in the area of the wells.

I also spoke to him about the possibility of placing another cache here in the future. They have given me permission to place a new cache and we walked the property together and chose the new location. The new location is somewhat in the open but was picked so that the workers can identify "geocachers" from others looking to do harm. I will be working on getting that cache up and going in the next week or so.

All in all, it was a very good meeting and I look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with them.