With this being an election year (our first election year) there are many nominees that are willing and able to take action in shaping the future of geocaching maine. But there are also many people out there that do not konw the nominees as well as some of us do. So the purpose of this thread is for the nominees to step up and tell a little bit about themselves to help educate our members about who they'll be voting for.

So to start this thread off I'll tell you a little bit about me... (into the mind of Hiram...)

I have been addicted to geocaching for over a year (since June 07, 2005) and have been a premium member of geocaching.com for almost as long. I joined geocachingmaine.org on sept. 9th, 2005 and am a donating member of the site. I choose to put my money to these causes because I love this sport, and it would not be possible without these sites. I want to see the sport and it's communities grow in positive light, over the last year I've been working with the Kennebec Land Trust to help them know where caches are on their properties, introduce them to the cache owners that have caches on their properties, and I am currently working with them to map out their properties and trail systems with GPS to provide them with some nice detailed trail maps. I've been active with geocaching right from the start (and draggin others into with me!) I've organized a couple memorable events such as "Hirams FTF-A-Thon" and the world famous "4x4 Cache Rally" If elected I would like to not only help the site organize to build a sustainable future for itself, but I would also like to dedicate more time to putting out the good word of geocaching to land owners and land trusts to help ensure that the sport has a future in the great state of Maine. So vote for me! Hiram357!!!!! and I'll give you a free candy bar! (just kidding about the candy bar, but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have done a great service to this website and the world of geocaching by voting for me)