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Thread: Get to know your nominees!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhereRWe?
    Please keep politics out of Thanks.
    Give her a break! She meant to write Repairman, and the time limit kept her from editing!

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    Default What can I say

    Most of you know me. If not from caching with me then from one of the events I've held or attended. I have long said that the people are what make Geocaching what it is. Not just the cachers but also the landowners that allow us on their land. I've been playing this fun game since July of 2003. I've found a good number of caches, including quite a few in other states as well as Canada. As the phrase I coined says "Maine, the way caching should be" is something I truly believe. I've also place quite a few caches and hosted a fair number of events. My hides cover the gamut of nanos all the way to a Island Hopping multi. I feel I do have something to offer this new organization. Thanks for listening. And believe me this was not easy for me to write. I am not one to talk about myself.
    Happy Trails!

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    I'm like Bruce, don't want to talk about myself, but after seeing what Hiram did to him, I should probably say a few words.
    I started caching Xmas of '03 and haven't looked back. I love the travel, learning about the hidden corners of Maine and the jems hidden in my own town. (Who'd have known how many parks there are just in Bangor?)
    I started meeting other cachers "in the wild" starting with Parmachenee and many since. The caches are fun to find, the cachers are even better. I'm proud to be in this group of people (and hope to see many of you Sunday on the ferry)
    As far as my "resume", I've found almost 600 caches, placed 8, let FFJ talk me into an interview on Ch. 5 news and (with a lot of help from others) got the 2005 coins made and distributed.
    Hiram, is that enough, or am I in a pink dress too?

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    Well... what do you want to know about me... what can I say about myself? For starters... I can't compete with writing a nine-page novel and/or using scientific terms, but nonetheless, we all have one thing in common and that is geocaching.

    I have been geocaching since 2004 and also been a member of here at the same time. I have made many friends and I think that's what counts. I enjoy going new places and finding places that I never knew existed. I am not a numbers person, if any of you know what I mean. I am in it for the game and for the adventure! I know anyone on the nominated for the board would make a good board member and I wish the best for you all.

    Last year, I held my first event and although the weather wasn't the best, we had a great time. It was a lot of working, seeing how I didnít have the chance to meet the southern cacherís before and scheduling where and what do to but worth every minute of it. I am currently excited to host the next annual event, which is coming up next month in Limestone, Maine and hope most of you can attend. To say the least, I like meeting new people and having a good time.

    Being up here in the north isn't so bad, but people think we are all hicks... and there is nothing wrong with that! I am an all around person who is active in many activities and like to stay active and busy. I am a go-getter and don't believe in failure. Besides geocaching, I enjoy disc golf, mountain climbing, mountain biking and spending time with my family and friends. I am an outdoorsman at heart and like hunting, fishing and camping. I am a proud Christian. I am currently a junior in college at UMPI studying criminal justice.

    I have been told I am outgoing and enjoy dealing with people. I have been a firefighter for three years and I will be taking my EMT license this fall. You canít always take me very seriously. I like jokes and funny TV shows. I am a bike motorcycle person and like to travel. I am big fan of the Red Sox and I am also an umpire for schools and organizations up here. I like old cars (Some people tell me I am addicted to rust!) I have a weakness for ice cream. I donít know what else people would like to know about me, but donít be afraid to ask. Quite honestly, I don't even know if I am board material but whatever gets thrown at me or not, I am always looking for a new challenge. PS, vote for Pedro!
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    Well Ok, all these cachers have shamed me to writting about myself, GEEZ, I didnt have to do this when I ran for M.S.A.D. #3 School board and won two years ago and just got re-elected for another three year term. Although I must admit, I am forced to give my opions to the public when faced with the questions.

    Anyway, as many that know me, know that I keep rather quiet as far postings and chat. However you may also know that I am usually around when something that regards caching is going on. I was introduced to caching via some Ham Radio Friends, ( one of my other hobbies) I started caching in March of 2002 when, if i recall there was about 113 caches in the WHOLE State and i had to travel dozens and dozens of miles every weekend to get to areas that had caches.( wow, over 4 years ago ) I became a Charter Member of soon after the spring of 2002. Yes, at first I was out for the numbers but soon realized, ( or at least I feel that it it much nicer to truly enjoy the caches that i do instead of doing them in hast and moving on to the next at lightening pace. I try to have an open mind about the do's and dont's of caching. EX. If one does not like Micros, than one should not do micros. etc. As long as a cache is maintained and there is good communication with the owner, current email etc. , then I leave it up to the owner. One of the greatest things about caching is the many places that one discovers that they would have never knewn existed otherwise. I wish everyone could have that expierience of discovering the great places. And of course the next best thing about it is the great people you meet from all walks of life and areas. but yet have a common interest. I sometimes write about caching in my local news column where I am the news corresponant for the Town. Or at least i write the cacher's post of local caches to share with the people to read. I find that most people I tell caching about find it very interesting and want to give it a try. If only all the people would use those GPS's that they got for Christmas. The great thing about caching, you can do it with a cheap version or an expensive version of a GPS.

    Lets see, about myself. HMM> I am also the Treasurer of the W.C.A.R.A. ( Waldo County's Ham Radio Group) ( Involved with the local Booster Club) I work in My Third Generation Family Business In the Mid Coast. I am closing in on 575 Finds, althougth i dont feel that makes me anymore expert then someone with 100 or less. Or less qualified that someone that has found 1000. Have had two newspaper articles written about me and geocaching. Have had one of my caches ( 1 of 60 ) in the Hard Cover Published book "Local Treasures: Geocaching across america". I recently took up golf again of which I play with my teenage son. This has taken some time from my caching, Not enough time in a day to do it all.

    But to put in simply, I Guess I would say that My License plate says it all. "GPS4FUN" This often starts up a conversation in a parking lot either interested people in GPS's or caching. Its All about the fun really, If we take the fun out of caching, then what do we have. It is no longer a hobbie. No need for tons of rules, has it layed out for the most part. Simply, unite as a group with a common interest. Although be it, very difficult to make everyone happy in any hobbie, I would hope whom ever is on the board could give it a good try and make the Hobbie the best it can be for all cachers in Maine. Like everything, Organization of any Hobbie or group can only make them stronger. GOOD LUCK.

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    Since this thread was started to talk a little about ones self. I guess I am obligated to say something on my behalf about myself and what I have done for the geocaching community. Those of you that know me will know what I have done to help the geocaching community here in Maine. For those that do not know me I will go on to explain a little. I feel weird doing this because I am not the one that likes to boast about myself. So here goes.

    I officially started geocaching on 6/5/2003. I will not go into the story that got me started because you can read that in the thread in the forums. After caching for about one year we attended our first geocaching event on 19 June 2004. After meeting the people involved in this sport/hobby we knew we were in love with this and the people. I found out about the yahoo forums that the group was using and went and checked them out. I was so disappointed by these forums that I knew right then that I had to use my experience and create a web site with forums for this group. So I put the name of the web site to a vote on the old yahoo forums. The majority picked so that was what we went with.

    On 22 June 2004 the new web site began. I set it up on a section of my server that I maintain for other things I do on the internet. I have not asked for any money in doing this. I had the room and was more then willing to give back to something that I enjoyed doing. The web site has grown without looking back.

    Here is the last six months of our web site stats for those interested.

    Since the start of this I have worked with skydivergear and had a couple of shirts made and added them to our cafepress web site selling our geocaching shirts at cost at

    We have coordinated three events last year and one this year so far. I have continued to try and pull the geocaching community together along with my wife.

    I coordinated the committees and the meeting for working towards our organizing.

    I have tried to keep everyone happy with how the web site is run and have asked every time there was a change or asked for inputs. I have never done anything without asking first. I do this because I want people to think of the web site as their web site and not my web site because it is their web site. One is trying to keep everyone happy, but when doing so there is always someone that is not. So you can not please 100% of the people.

    Those of you that know me know that I am not the type of geocacher that is in it for the numbers. I am in it for the fun and to go places where most people will never see and go to. This one of the reasons I got into geocaching. The other reason that has kept me in it is because of all the wonderful and interesting people I have met caching and at events. I can honestly say I like every cacher I have ever met.

    Over the last two years since the start of the web site I have been sort of filling all the rolls that the board members will be filling in the future. I have written to other organization, contacted groups and been an ambassador to the geocaching community along with answering emails sent to the web site. Running the web site has kept me very actively involved and has started to run me into the ground. I am glad that there will be board members to help take some of the load on now. I can just worry about the web site and work with them if I am not elected to the board myself.

    Here are my political views of how I foresee what the 5 member board should do and be run.

    I feel that we should not add any more rules or regulations above and beyond the basics on the web site and stick to there geocaching ethics that they have posted as our guidelines.

    I feel that there is no reason to start charging any dues for being a member of our organization and that we should leave just the donation button on the web site to help defer the cost of running the web site and renewing the software being used.

    I feel that anyone hosting an event should know what they are in for ahead of time and should not charge to have others attend the event. A donation box can be placed at the event if they would like to accept donations, but in my opinion all events should be free to the public. If you are going to host prizes at the event then that is up to the people hosting the event to get the prizes and not to charge the public for them by charging to attend the event.

    I believe the board members should stay in contact with the geocaching community and should also make every possible attempt to attend every geocaching event in the state of Maine. They should also help to keep the community geocaching community alive and in good standards with the community, state, parks and any other organizations. They are actually our public relations for our organization.

    I feel that the board member should set a good example of good geocachers and any board member that does not set and follow good geocaching ethics should not be appointed to the board or should be removed.

    I could go on and on here but if you have read this much you are probably read to fall asleep if you have not already.

    Thank you very much. I just want to make sure what we started here continues and it was not all for nothing and I will hope for you vote in the next couple of weeks. LOL.
    Blazing Troll

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    I want to thank you all for this thread! I'm still a newbie to all of this and sometimes not sure where I should jump in. It is SO helpful learning about all of you, it makes it more comfortable to think about posting. I can't speak for any other new members but sometimes it is easier to be a "lurker" when you don't know people.

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    Default Here we go...

    Okay, here goes. I feel the same way as the others about spilling on personal details so if anyone has any questions of me or any of the other nominees, feel free to ask.

    My name is really Cameo. In real life, I am a staff accountant. I handle the accounts payable for a chain of 25 hotels in Maine, New Hampshire and Michigan.

    I started caching in June 2004. I was introduced to this community by Mike of the G-Team in July of 2004. Since then, I have completed 419 caches, a few benchmarks here and there, and lots of letterboxes. I feel very fortunate to have made such wonderful friends and caching buddies along the way.

    It is very important to me that the sport of geocaching has a good name and reputation here in the state. Most recently, we had an issue with a cache that was placed in a sensitive area without permission. Several logs had indicated that cachers had been stopped from accessing the area. I tried at length to get a hold of the owner and wasn't able too. I asked to our approver to step in and try to contact. When that failed, he archived the cache. I arranged a meeting with the property managers (Maine Department of Transportation) and discussed with them the sport and they decided to remove the archived cache. We also spoke of future placement and even with the concerns of this other cache, they agreed! We walked the property together and we chose a location together that would work. I think by stepping in and not letting them wonder why people continued to visit this sensitve area, that I was able to prevent some negative thoughts. I look forward to working with this group as I place a new cache there in the next week or so. This is just one example (very recent, still fresh in my mind) of how I have tried to help keep geocaching in a good light here in Maine. So many other states and areas have either banned or restricted geocaching and I would not like to see that happen here.

    There is also another group of caches that do not get maintained by the owner. To make a long story short, the owners have refused to maintain them and will not let anyone adopt them. Since three of them are in such great locations, I have chosen to maintain those so that future cachers can enjoy these areas.

    In February of 2005, I came up with the bright idea of having a Maine geocoin. The work initially was pulling together information and researching on design, price, quantity, and maintaining a database of promised orders. As the process continued to grow and grow, and my time to commit to the project got less and less, another cacher stepped in and completed the project. Thanks to all that helped me in this process and kudos to Sudonim for everything. Our Maine coin is a truly unique and special work of art.

    For the past year or so, I have been working as a Forum Moderator at this site. This position entails working side by side with Rick on behind the scene items to ensure the technical side of this website grows smoothly. It also entails simple moderation on the visible side of the site. I have learned a great deal about the intermost finer details of how this forum is structured, and what must be done to make it look and act the way that the members expect. I am currently in the beginning stages of building my own test clone site so that I can experiment, learn, and impliment changes. At some point when I feel comfortable with my new abilities, I will be able to back up Rick 100% when he is away on vacation, trips, etc. I am still amazed at what Rick has been able to build and maintain here, and look forward to having him as my guide as I continue this intricate project.

    So with that said, I hope to get the chance to continue to build and grow this community with the new organization idea. I look forward to having a group of committed individuals who all believe and support our endeavors here. Good luck to everyone!

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    Here you go . . . . . . A little about me and some of my views . . . . . . . .

    A good friend of mine introduced the great fun of geocaching to me in early 2004 and I have enjoyed it immensely from the very beginning. Imagine this - my family says I am addicted! Some even think I have joined a mysteriuous cult!! As a result of this great hobby, I have seen more of Maine than I ever imagined I would. I have also been able to cache in other states and know that I have seen places that I wouldn't have otherwise. That experience alone is one of my favorite aspects of caching. The second is the opportunity to have met so many great people and to have developed so many friendships along the way.

    My professional life is in the arena of healthcare. I have been involved in imaging (x-ray and ultrasound) for far more years than I care to admit! The vast majority of that time has been as a sonographer in the specialty of high risk pregnancy. Though very rewarding and exciting, it is also a very stressful role to fulfill. Geocaching has provided a wonderful opportunity to “de-stress” when not at work. Whether it is a walk in the woods to find an ammo box under a pile of sticks, a creative puzzle leading to a great hide, a challenging micro, or an event – I enjoy each and every aspect - even the DNF’s!!

    When I first began caching, a big part of it was “about the numbers” for sure. I admit that it still is, though for a very different reason now. At first it was pure competition - with myself of course!! Now I like to see my numbers go up because it means that I have had a chance to cache - I don’t get to go nearly as much as I would like to. I especially love it when geocaching is combined with another interest of mine – beachcombing. I spend as much time as possible combing the beaches for treasures that I can use in my small business as a sea glass/beach treasure artisan.

    I believe that geocaching has a great deal to offer anyone interested. The guidelines outlined through that touch upon the most important “do’s and don’ts” are sufficient to me. Providing tips and hints would be great, but I see no need to add layers of rules and guidelines. Outside of that, we get to partake in this activity for whatever reason is meaningful to each of us as individuals – there is no right or wrong reason.

    I like that this is family oriented. I am the proud mom of a 15 year old. Unfortunately, he has no interest in joining the fun of caching, but I think it is great that other families have the opportunity to share the adventure. I would like to see that aspect continue to grow not only on the searches, but at events. I like the diversity of caches that are available and hope that this aspect will continue to blossom – I believe we can help ensure that it does. I like the story telling that exists. I enjoy sharing my tales and woes of caching – I love to laugh about the adventures that I have had – some of them are not very graceful treks, I can assure you! They make the best stories! Hearing about the experiences of others is great fun. I also greatly appreciate that this website and community provides a great venue for sharing wisdom and ideas about caching. I have turned to this site a number of times along the way. I would like to see that aspect of the website continue to develop and think that there is great potential for it to do so. I would like to see us engage with the public, the state, landowners, parks, trusts, etc. in a professional, positive, and coordinated way. We have a great deal of knowledge to share.

    I think that organizing in some shape or form is a natural next step with this website and individuals who participate in it. I appreciate all that Rick has done to date – it is phenomenal!!! I am excited for him that he has seen enthusiasm amongst his caching peers and that there is interest to take this to a new level. Support of his efforts has grown over time, taking this next step will ensure it continues to do so. Pulling a group together will help us to move ideas forward while allowing for the involvement and feedback from everyone on the website. That is a very exciting venture.

    Choosing only five people from the list of individuals might very well be a challenge – I know it will be for me. Each person on the list brings experience, enthusiasm, and a passion for the sport. Combining energy and effort has great potential to further grow the GeocachingMaine community – I look forward to seeing that happen whether I sit amongst the five or not.

    Good Luck to everyone on the list!
    Thanks to all those who will take the time to share their vote and help the GeocachingMaine community move forward with this concept.
    ~ Beach Comber ~

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    Great, thanks. I have met almost everone who has excepted a nomination but don't really know any of them. This forum will help me greatly in the voting since I am still having a hard time narrowing it down

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