and you guys were a bunch of slackers. I can't believe that not one of you stuck your head up under that 2 ton rock that looked like it was about to fall at any minute. The cache was exactly where I had placed it and if you looked from the correct angle the corner of the container was right there in sight. The rock had dropped down some since I placed the cache and it took me a few minutes find. Once I spotted the cache it took me another minute to work up the nerve to reach in with me head and chest up under that rock. When I placed the cache only my hand and wrist were under the rock. It had moved quite aways. In the interest of safer caching (on a Deathwish Cache?) I relocated the cache about 4 feet further up the cliffside into the roots of a small tree. It is even easier to find now so who is going back after it now? LOL Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!