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Thread: # 200 For Beachcomber

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    Talking # 200 For Beachcomber

    Hurray for Beachcomber's 200th cache. Too bad you couldn't have gotten it in Maine Glad you are having a great time in Florida. I can't imagine geting over 200 caches in less than a year(well maybe cause I have over 150 in a year this year) all in Maine though. Just kidding!!! Great job and hope to see you caching in Maine again soon.

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    Default Verification...

    I think we need to go around and verify that she actually signed all of those logbooks. Any volunteers to help me?

    Just kidding!


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    Thumbs up Hooray!

    Congratulations BC! 200! You are an inspiration! Slow down a little and maybe the rest of us can catch up! Hope to see you soon on the trail...

    PS RanMan, have fun verifying those logs, by yourself!!!

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    Default Congrats!!

    Way to go Judy! Now slow down and wait for me will ya.

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    It IS the numbers, right? Congrats to you. What's the next milestone?

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    Default the numbers

    I really believe BC believes it is about the numbers. Glad you are having so much fun. . Keep up the good work.
    Congrats , carry on.
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    Default Congrats!!

    That's a lot of beachcombing!! Here's to the next 100. And I've already seen many of those logs myself.

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