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Thread: Greetings from the Sunshine State!

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    Talking Greetings from the Sunshine State!

    Hello from Florida!

    Have been able to enjoy a wee bit of caching while here visiting my parents. Must say - it is NOT the same as the great caching we have in Maine!! Since I am not real familiar with the area, I was disapppointed to learn when I arrived at one of my chosen caches that I was going to seek out the treasure in a WalMart parking lot. Urban caching - bluk!

    Another potential cache for tomorrow was found today by a couple of local cachers. They noted in their log that it was being "guarded" by a snake and a giant cockroach. You can be sure I WON'T be going there - LOL!!

    I look forward to returning to the wonderful caches in Maine!

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    I regret that the "southern style" (?) of geocaching has started to creep into Maine as well, as I've noted in these forums before...

    Alas the detested microcache...

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