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Thread: 300 for Noreasta!

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    Thumbs up 300 for Noreasta!

    Congratulations on your 300th find!! WOW!!

    You are an inspiration to those of us who are newer to the hobby than you - after all, you were the leader in Maine for some time!

    Thank you a million times for telling me about this great activity. I have enjoyed many wonderful places that I would never have seen otherwise and anticipate exploring more.

    Though, you do know don't you that by introducing me to this, you have essentially created a geocaching monster? LOL!!

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    Smile wow!

    Congrats on #300!

    See you on the trail!

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    Default Way to go!

    Nice job Steve. I'm proud to say that I'm half way to that number. Slow going, but steady. See you at the next get together I hope.

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    Default 300!!

    I remember my 300th very clearly. I know you have been busy with other priorities so getting 300 is just that much more of an accomplishment. Hope to see you again at a cache or event.

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    Talking Yahoo for You

    Congrats on # 300 Steve.I'm looking forward to my 300th hopefully next year.Quite the chore isn't it?

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    Way to go!

    RULOST2? and I have been off the trails lately - illness and major car repairs, etc. But we'll be out and about later this week. Our nest milestone is #300 as well...

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