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    I'm sorry for bringing this back up but, I have concerns about the fitz cache. I posted today that the time was up on that cache and there was no response from the cache owner and time for it to get archived. GPSfun has a very valid point... that there is nothing in gc.coms policy that states that this cache has to be moved or archived. Most times I can just let something go and stew about it and it will go away.

    Lets think about this from a different prospective for a second. Do you think that folks seeking this cache could be putting the men that hang out there at risk since they are just assuming that we are heading to the chair and mattress for a meeting place and if any cacher is every confronted what the reaction would be. I suspect that if it was me than I would more than likely not have a favorable response.

    Does any one know the owner? I sent them a very nice email today in hopes to warm them over but no response.

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    I say the owner for whatever reason wants to keep the cache. It is not directly in violation of guidelines, and they have posted warnings that they felt obligated to do. I think emailing the owner if just making him all the more determined. It may even violate email abuse rules.

    Instead, I think anyone offended should send their concerns to the state as problem is not with the cache, but with the people who frequent the area.

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    I alerted the newspaper & TV stations but it's hard to say if they have the guts to do a story that's unfavorable to tourism. Next time I'm up there I have half a mind to walk around with a camcorder. No film, just pointing it all over the place. Or post a sign saying "Known cruising area". That'd get someone's attention.
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    Sorry this is such a late response but just on the site after a brief vacation Dave, I too emailed the cache owner after finding this cache with mom (Hollora) one day. Of course I thought....How bad could it be Wow what a suprise...glad it was just us two girls As I was doing my posts that night I sent the email. I thought I was being as nice and as pc as possible but strongly suggested that this cache needed to be identified as not child friendly due to the response. I admit, I haven't checked the cache page lately but the last time I did which was sometime after finding the cache, no changes to the page. This was a cache find I was glad my stepdaughter did not accompany us for.
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