On August 10th, I released a new 2006 Quebec Geocoin in a cache of Kennebunkport, Maine:
(GCTBFR) Kennebunkport's Scenic Cache by Patrick, Nicholas and Dad

On the last log of the cache, hasbell95 confirms that my Quebec Geocoin is not in the cache anymore...

I'm getting nervous about my Quebec Geocoin. I hope the Geocoin is in the hands of a Geocacher in vacations that do not have access to Internet and will post the log later.

Not to far from there, there is another cache with a Geocoin than is not in the cache anymore:
(GCQNM6) Laudholm Farm Cache II by CarlGurt and The Two Reprobates

The "Serenity - 573" Geocoin is not in the cache...

To follow...