RayDar LLC is pleased to announce V1.33 of GeoNiche -- the premier GPS enabled geocaching software for PalmOS.

GeoNiche V1.33 includes:

  • Geocaching data importation
  • Support for many GPS receivers, including BlueTooth devices
  • Advanced target and route sorting (including sorting by proximity)
  • Multiple user-definable Navigation Mode configurations
  • 360 degree rotation, several magnifications, pan up, down, left, and right
  • Color, grey-scale, hi-res, and lo-res
  • Responsive on a Palm Vx
  • Uses standard PalmOS user interfaces
  • Pedometer (Trip Meter) measures distance travelled
  • Accurate distance and heading to target computations
  • Distances, speeds and elevations in English, metric and nautical
  • Dates and numbers displayed in user preferred format
  • True and magnetic compass bearings
  • Many GPS coordinate display and input formats
  • Powerful target and route management
  • Sophisticated beaming capabilities
  • Two independent GPS data displays
  • Automatic update of target-visited date/time
  • Alarm tone when near a target
  • Fifty icons (including 7 for geocaching), in any color, to represent targets
  • Works well for users who connect their handheld to more than just a GPS
  • Estimates accuracy of the GPS position fix
  • Geocache hint decoding
  • Cut and paste target coordinates in one operation
  • Help available on every screen
  • Many other exciting features

Check out the free trial at