There's a story here:

We first met TigQuilt - a noted New Hampshire cacher - a couple of years ago when we placed the "Cindy the Cinderblock" TB in one of her caches (TigQuilt's name is Cindy, I believe). She met us to pick the TB up. (This was also the trip where we pickd up 8 TB's for the "Capture the Flag" contest.)

We met her again last year. We saw a nice knitted toque cap with a geocaching logo on eBay, so I bought two, one for RULOST2? and one that we gave away at the WWWWWW2 event this year. In correspnding with the seller, we learned that the knitter was TigQuilt! Since we were both going to attend an event in Manchester, New Hampshire in the near future, we met her there and picked up our caps.

RULOST2? and I are again on a caching trip to New Hampshire, and the third cache we approached today was "Laughing Loon", located near the Loon Center in Moultonborough,NH. We pulled into the parking lot, looked at the cache description, and decided we'd pass on this one. We went to another nearby cache, and when we returned to the car, we found a note from TigQuilt under the wiper, asking us to meet her back at the Loon Center where she worked (she'd apparently recognized our GOCACHE plates when we'd pulled into the parking lot.)

Well, we had a nice chat and moved along. Probably the 3d cache we went to after leaving the Loon Center was, ironically, a cache named "Happy Birthday Tigquilt". Reading the description, we noted that the cache was placed on Aug 21, 2005. Hello? Since we had her phone number, we called TigQuilt and confirmed that today actually was her birthday.


Happy birthday, TigQuilt!