Just a little plug for Dave 1976 and Girlmate's new cache in Oldtown. We did it on Sunday, with Dave and Girlmate tagging along to watch us blunder thru it. We have to say, it was very well put together , and evident that a lot of work went into this cache. Each stage contained nice laminated cards detailing the history of each location , and then some. If you like learning a little history of the area you cache in, this one is a must do. The final stage will bring you to a really nice picnic type area, where you can hang and eat , let the kids romp, and if you have a fish pole, you might try wetting a line. Nice job guy's!! Along with "Stacked on the stillwater" by Mainiac 1957, It was definately the best of the Multi caches in the area we have done so far. Anyone caching in the area should check it out. "THE WAY WE WERE" GCWEJM