Is it just me, or have the maps stopped updating? My usual morning routine has been to go to the New Hampshire map and look for the bright green squares showing new caches within the past week. We're fairly close to the NH border and that map gives good coverage of caches within driving distance from our house, both in ME & NH. For the past 2 weeks the same green squares have been there and no new ones have shown up. If I use the personalized maps, I can see new caches but it's really hard to make them out with the tiny "new" flag.

Has anyone else noticed this? What other methods are being used for watching for new caches? Pocket Queries? Zip Code Search? State Search? We used to be able to use Buxley's as a backup but now that is not updated as well. I'm curious to hear what the rest of you do. And I suppose if the maps are really broken I should report it to them.