Hey all, I am down in South Carolina,visiting my sister who is being hospitalized. She is at the Piedmont Hospital in Rockhill SC about 30 miles from where she lives in Lancaster SC. Have been spending most of my time with her in the hospital but managed to get out for a little caching today. Went 2 for 5, my worst since I started caching. The caches are pretty spread apart in the area that I am in and from the caches that I did find,well they were nothing spectacular,unlike the caches in Maine.The weather has been pretty cool the last couple of days, in the 60's...lol Cool to the southerners anyway,but I'm loving it. If you care to check out the caches where I am at the zip is 29720. I met another guy on my way out from a cache and he was caching too so we teamed up for 3 more and came up empty on all 3. He was from Charlotte NC and he said that the caches in the Charlotte area were a lot better than the ones around here, oh well. Anyway can't wait to get back to Maine caching, IMHO you can't beat the Maine caches. See ya'll soon Haffy6 happy caching Saw my first gecko today