As some folks might remember this past Spring I offered a PowerPoint presentation on geocaching to members of the Unity Barn Raisers. This group has established and maintains several trails in Unity . . . most of which now have geocaches on them. The presentation was an overwhelming success with members asking me if I could come back and do a hands-on show-and-tell.

Unfortunately, the day that we scheduled this "event" it rained so we postponed it to the following week. Due in part to the re-scheduled date and weather that was "iffy" we only had two members . . . but they enjoyed the presentation and asked if we would be willing to come back again and do this "presentation" to their other members and maybe even opening it up to the local community, high school and college. The geocachers in the group meanwhile seemed pretty happy since Dave1976 and Maniac1957 were able to pick up a few local caches and I treated everyone to pizza afterwards at UHOP.

Well, it's been a few months and I received this e-mail today.



Thanks for the feedback on Brier's Beach and the heads' up on the cache!
We would love to schedule another gepcaching 101 and invite families and college students. A Saturday - late morning - might be a good time as we might be able to pull some interest from the farmers' market and can send out fliers through the school and UC students should be able to make it as well. Let us know if there is a Saturday that would work on your end and we can get a date set up!


I know the Cache Bash is on the 9th, I've got an ATV Poker Run on the 16th and Northern ME Geo is on the 23rd (plus the Commonground Fair is on that weekend so Unity will be quite busy). I was thinking the 30th of this month would be good . . . does this date work for anyone that might be interested in helping out?

If I can get some idea if this date works it would be appreciated . . . then I'll send Tess an e-mail confirming this date (or not.)