Added on 9/6/06 Just two weeks away is the 2nd Annual event for Northern Maine. Below is a list of who has signed up for this event so far. I am also posting this on the event site on at Please let me know if you cannot make it ASAP or you want to come and are not on the list yet. A head count is very helpful before an event to prepare for food and activities. I also want to know if everyone can bring something for a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. The event will start around 3- or whenever starts getting there. If all goes well, I should be there from 230-on. For the BBQ I am looking for the following drinks, side dishes, deserts, hotdog/hamburger buns, plates/cups, etc (be creative, but list it so we can count on you bringing it) In other words, we don't need four potato salads showing up! I am going to cook some hamburgers and hotdogs. I also need a headcount on hamburgers and hotdogs (how many you want would be helpful) Also how many people are in your group (like wife, kids... etc) And the last thing I need is who will be camping over. There is many camping grill posts there and it would be helpful if 1 or 2 more people can bring their portable grills (We have a large one at the house and it’s a truck load to bring it and if it’s not a huge group there is no need to bring it) Camping is $12.00 per tent for the night. Small campers (popups) are ok. Dogs are not recommended but if you must, they must be leashed. The fee to use the campground for the day is free. I have the campground signed up for our event only, there will be no other’s around camping at this time. Thanks the sooner you reply the easier it is for me to get a number idea!
So I will say this again in what I am expecting from people when they reply to this thread.

1.) Sign up if you plan on coming.

2.) Let me know to take your name off if you know you will no longer be coming.

3.) Sign up for a side dish/drinks/desert/etc that you can bring.

4.) Let me know if you are going to be camping.

5.) How many people are coming under your party (ex “Joe” is bringing 4 people, his wife and two kids.)

Please do not reply on this thread if you are not relating to any of the 5 questions above. Thanks and look forward to seeing you there.

Signed up so far:
Katadin Goddess
Blazing Trolls
Hiram 357
Northwoods Explorer
Maniac 1957