I know there's some techno-gurus here so I thought I would throw this question out since I am sure there are folks here who would know the answer to this . . .

As some of you know I am remodeling my master bedroom (along with the downstairs bathroom, entry, part of the living room and in fact I've had the contractors take out the entire front wall and replace it.) One of the things I want to do is put in a surround sound system in the bedroom.

I have a cheap system now that should be fine for what I want . . . however the wires to the speakers aren't long enough and I want to make it so that should I update the system I can do so easily.

Here's what I am doing. I am planning on installing a "speaker connection" (looks like a phone jack or a coax jack only it's made for speaker wire) on one side of the room where the surround sound system will be. Speaker wire will be run from this speaker connection through the ceiling's void space and down the wall to a second speaker connection on the other side of the bedroom. My idea is to connect my surround sound system's two rear speaker outputs to the first speaker connection and then connect the two rear speaker's wire to the other speaker connection.

First off, will this work?

Second question . . . and here's the big question . . . it's a cheap system (unlike the one I bought a while back for the living room) and the speaker's wire are "hard-wired" to the speakers. Can I cut this wire and use the speaker wire connection from the two speaker connections . . . and if so are there any special considerations?