Thanks for the kind words Steve . . . it was great of you guys to come out and all of the Club members couldn't have been happier with the day's event (well I could have been happier if I had won the 50-50 or the ATV raffle -- someone from Oakland won, but I can't complain since I did end up winning a $30 gift certificate to the Texas Roadhouse which I used today to take Heidi out to eat.)

Did you end up winning anything incidentally?

Thanks also for the atta-boy on the trails and the event . . . hope to see you guys next year . . . next year we're thinking of just having some top prizes and then giving out the other prizes in a random drawing to speed things along at the end.

Incidentally, I am sorry to say that having met Steve I need to report that he seems pretty normal and well-adjusted . . . so for the life of me I can't figure out why he's hanging out here at! Actually, it was great to meet someone who shares a couple of common interests Steve . . . hopefully I'll see you on the trail in the future (either as a geocacher or as a fellow ATVer.)

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I was one of 3 members of the Messalonskee ATV Club to attend the Troy club's fundraising poker run yesterday. There were 59 ATVs, a great tour of some well kept trails, good food, nice prizes, and some really great folks all having fun on a beautiful September day. I had some nice conversations with FFJ who did not seem as event shy as he claims .

When we got to Ricker Hill, FFJ said to get out my GPSr as we were a stone's throw from the cache. I found it while all the participants drew a card on this beautiful hill. After a great lunch and all the prizes were awarded, I doubled back on the trail to get a second cache he has in a beautiful spot near a stream.

This was my second ATV/caching adventure this month and I want to thank FFJ for inviting us, putting out the caches and working hard with his ATV club to host a great event.