A post by StevePh about having other hobbies besides geocaching made me decide to start this thread . . .

Steve mentioned that he has many other hobbies besides geocaching so he keeps busy balancing out his other hobbies. I too have other hobbies so I thought it might be an interesting thread to find out what other folks do for fun . . . when not working.

I'll start.

In the summer I enjoy camping and traveling (and of course geocaching fits in well with those hobbies.) I also am an avid ATVer (which sometimes is conducive to geocaching . . . although I have yet to actually do a geocache from an ATV.)

In the winter I enjoy snowmobiling . . . although last year was kind of a bust. I did travel a lot (way too much according to my wife Heidi) to get in a little over 2,000 miles (nearly all the miles in the Crown of Maine) . . . and on the days when I was "home bound, but free" I did some geocaching since there was little to no snow cover and geocaching then was pretty darn easy. When it's really bad outside I will play video games on the PC or PlayStation 2 (yeah, I'm a nerd that way.)

I also enjoy writing (feature stories, humor columns), reading and photography (my house is decorated with all kinds of photos that I've taken over the years). I also enjoy watching a good movie . . . or two.