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Thread: RE: What else do you do for fun?

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    WOW Hollora! Wish there were more people like you in every community

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    hmm, lets see, Other hobbies have gotten in the way of geocaching this year i must admit, not enough time for all. I recently set up a camp lot on the pond down the road with my travel traveler dock, power installed etc. so i have spent lots of time down at my camp lot this summer , swimming and fishing , campfires etc. two years ago i got back into golf with my son and now play on a regular basis. ( sunday, of which interfere with caching. I love and used to play a lot of volley ball. Ham radio is one of my other favorite hobbies, it makes for a small state and small world for that matter and it is all done on antenna and communications ar FREE.. I use my ham radio in my vehicle to chat with ham friends throughout the state on a daily basis. When i am inside and i am a night owl. I love to play TEXAS HOLD UM.. and i might say i hardly ever lose money.. HEE HEE. I do use the pc/internet on a nightly basis for many things. I write town news for my TOWN when there is some news , that is, for the local paper. I spend a lot of time at school board meetings as i am a director on the MSAD 34 board, ( if you want to call that a hobbie._ LOL. I also spend a lot of time watching local high school sports through out the school year. Any I find out that it is difficult to spread the time out to do all that i would like to , like most of us. then of course, I also own an ATV and TWO SNOWMOBILES that i am in hopes of using more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noreasta View Post
    . . .I also own an ATV and TWO SNOWMOBILES that i am in hopes of using more.
    Now this is up my alley!

    If you're interested Steve "my" ATV club is hosting a poker run this Saturday (I mention this in case you haven't seen the threads) -- this would be a great way to see some of our trail system here in Troy. We also do monthly club rides which provides a good excuse to get out and ride some trails throughout Maine!

    Snowmobiles . . . keep hoping and praying for more snow this year! I went out for one local ride last year and the conditions were marginal -- I think I hit every rock, stump and root in the trail -- after that short local ride I never rode the local trails again -- 2,000+ miles, but they were all made by heading north or out west. Very expensive way to snowmobile . . . I can't tell you how many GPSr batteries my gas bill alone for the sled would have bought! If it does snow this year we should get together -- maybe Rick and LT would even come out for a Geocaching Ride.
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