It has come to my attention about something called Pocket caching. It seems that it is a custom down south to do this at cache events. As some of you know how it works from doing it at the last cache event. I donít think I agree with this pocket cache thing or if condones it. Let me explain how it works if some of you donít know and for those that know correct me if I am wrong.

You have an item in you pocket when you go to the cache event. Letís call the item a wooden nickel. At the event you go around and ask everyone do you have the wooden nickel. If you find the person with the wooden nickel then you log the cache event as another find (on the same event) with a note saying you found the wooden nickel. So in you are logging multiple caches on the same event. There were at least five of these pocket caches at the last cache event.

If you go to the last cache event we had here in Maine and look at the logs you may see what I mean. First off I donít consider this a cache find in my opinion. If they are doing this down south then this in my opinion is not right. It is just a way to increase your numbers. So it sounds like they are all about numbers down south. Maybe that is why the caches up here are so much better then down south. We have not fallen into the number game yet. I hope we donít start doing this at anymore cache events in Maine. I think I would get annoyed if people kept coming up to me at the event and asking me the same thing over and over. I am there to talk with friends and have a good time not to be bothered buy these silly games. But this is just my opinion.

If this is a way to get your numbers up and make it look good for you as a geocacher then I want no part in it. I can not believe that the people down south actually do this and feel good about it. But maybe I am looking at this all wrong.

What do others think of this? I would like to here more from others about there opinion on this or maybe set me straight if I am looking at this wrong.

Here is the last cache if you want to look at the log.