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Thread: There's a new #1 Cacher in Maine!!

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    Default There's a new #1 Cacher in Maine!!

    Congratulations to Mike Schroeder (mscrep) on becoming the new top cacher in Maine!! He currently has 1348 finds! In addition, he has placed a number of high-quality traditional and puzzle caches here in southern Maine and in New Hampshire. I want to personally thank for him for his crypto-caches, as they have re-introduced me to the field of cryptography and I have learned a lot from them. Keep up the great work and happy caching!!

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    Now if only you can get him to come to the website on occasion that would be even better. Congrats on the milestone.
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    numbers, numbers, numbers... He'd better look out, I'm not far behind!
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    I'll catch up about 10 years or so!
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    Default congrats!!

    Keep on caching. See you on the trails. Crypta.......what?
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