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Thread: Why did you change the chat?

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    Default Instructions for Trillian

    Tat was asking for help last night and I got two emails, so I installed Trillian myself and whipped up some quick instructions for anyone who wants to try it. These instructions should log you into geocachingmaine chat with your user name automatically when you start it.
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    Default Try a space

    Quote Originally Posted by hollora View Post
    Tried brdads link and got a sign on page (which wouldn't let me in). I have used the javaapplet for the USPS web page for years with no problem.

    Any other suggestions? Not upset with this as I don't chat that often but would like the option. Certainly understand the need to protect the web site and respect all the care that is being taken to do this.

    I am not very up on computer things - will ask my son to help when he visits again.
    I had to add a space between the join ( and the ) #geocachingmaine and it worked for me.
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    brdad - thank you for the bythebullet link.........I believe I can finally chat - everything installed nicely and seems to work. You do need a space as noted by team2hunt. Thanks again.

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