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Thread: 2006 Maine Geocoin (Finally?)

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    Default 2006 Maine Geocoin (Finally?)

    OK, I think I have all the info for the 2006 coin.
    The discussion so far seems to be as follows:
    - Most people want to see the coin trackable this year. This will add to the cost, but along with being trackable it adds another important feature. is requiring that for a coin to be advertised on their site now, it has to be trackable. The bulk of last years orders were from out of state, so that is an important consideration.

    - Keep the same coin shape (round, 1.5") with the same front as last year. One (potential) issue with this design is that it incorporates the color scheme (the 4 colors in the outline of Maine) and in their policies they state that "Designs must be family friendly and may not include modified versions of the logo." I contacted Tess at Coins & Pins. She checked with Bryan at and he said it's OK with them. So no problem there. This front would have sequential serial numbers regardless of if we make the coin trackable or not.

    - The metal finish used last year was a polished silver. I recieved samples in antique bronze and the image on both sides looked much better than the silver. An antique finish adds about $.15/coin, but looks a lot better (I think anyway)

    - If we keep the front the same design, do a new back using a 3D image (like we did last year) and make the coin trackable, we can sell these coins for about $5.20 each in silver, or $5.35 in antique bronze. This is with tracking and a custom icon (instead of a generic PC icon next to a cache with one of these coins in it)

    - We need artwork suggestions and submissions. I'll start by throwing out some ideas to think about.
    Moose - Loon - Flyfishing - Canoeing - lobster/lobsterboat - Riverdriving (historical) - hiking - pine tree - x-country skiing or snowshoeing (with a logo like "Winter doesn't slow us down")
    Kayakerinme had some suggestions too, maybe using blueberries, or a blueberry field, or maybe the WWII Liberty ships built in Portland. One he mentioned that I really like is the sign with Denmark, Peru, China, etc with the mileages on it. I have seen a pic of this sign in the photo gallery. Not a typical "Maine image" but a great caching pic! He also suggested looking at antique copper or silver for coin finishes.

    I would like to open this up to a (limited time) discussion before putting anything to vote. We need to decide on:
    1. Coin shape and design, same front as last year OK?
    2. Coin reverse. Topic and art
    3. Trackable or not? Adds to the price, but also to the desirability.

    Lets discuss for a week or so and unless there are strong feelings to keep talking, put the design up for vote on Oct 15th.
    I'm going to attach a pic with the silver finish next to the antique bronze. The silver is washed out looking, but it's like that in person too, another reason for an antique finish.
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