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    Default An Association?

    I think that most "regulars" in these forums and on this site are from the central Maine area, so it's as good a place as any to bring up this subject. Is any one interested in going a step further and setting up an organization such as a Central Maine Geocaching Association? In my internet travels, I've seen many local geocaching organizations - looks like they have a lot of sun - and I'm all for that.

    We could have nominal dues, establlish a CMGA logo and/or icon, we could create our own geocoins (although not loggable on, have "bumblebuttons" create a custom pin for our members...

    Any discussion/comments?

    Here's what I saw that got me thinking about this:

    (Oh - and we;d have to have MEETINGS! (Beer & Wings, Wine & Cheese, Coffee & Donuts, even...)
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