A man is sitting on an airplane waiting for departure, and another man comes on and sits beside him. The other man is visibly shaken, trembling all over and sweating profusely. The first man say's to him, "whats wrong, are you nervous about flying?" The other man say's "no, not at all, but I just got transferred to New Orlean's and I'm scared to death. The place is full of crime,,,bank robberies,,looting,,rape,,murder,,gangs, etc. etc.. " The first man says to him,,"don't worry about it ,,I've lived in New Orlean's all my life, its not as bad as you might think. Just get a job,,mind your own business,,enroll your kids in a decent school and you will have no problems at all. The second man takes a few deep breaths, and is noticeably calmed by these reassuring words. "Thank you he says,,,by the way , what do you do for work in New Orleans?? The first man say's,,"Oh,,me,,,I'm a tail gunner on a beer delivery truck!!"