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Thread: CITO EVENT - Fall Mt. A

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    Thumbs up CITO EVENT - Fall Mt. A

    Although I did not attend I want to place a post. After seeing the photos of this event I can only say WoW! Thank you to everyone who attended and TAT, who I believe organized this event. It looks like you all did a great job to make a difference for our environment.

    Had never been to Mt. A, until last weekend for another event. Wished the weather had been better to get outside a bit more.

    Anyway - thank you all for showing others what the Geo community can really do. Look forward to meeting you on the trail or at an event.
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    No need to thank us! We all enjoyed the day and it is such a wonderful place.

    We should really be thanking the Nature Conservancy. If not for their efforts, the summit lodge and surroundings would have been sold to developers about 10 years ago.

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