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Thread: Adoption of Cache wanted

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    Default Adoption of Cache wanted

    I have been approached to adopt the Bald Rock 2004
    cache by the cache owner. I assume the reason is that to get to the cache it is quit a hike. I believe the cache owner is in very good health but nearing his late seventies or so and perhaps thinks that the upkeep may be too much. As for my self, I can not commit to have the time to hike this spot 2 or more times per year. Especially now that i have problems currently with my sciatic nerve. I suspect that will end sometime but none the less I have to pass on this offer. Therefore I am putting this out here to see if someone nearby the area or anywhere for that matter, would like to adopt this cache. This is a very nice hike and a beautiful area located in the Coastal Mountain Trust Land. ( Lincolnville/Camden Area). If interested please leave a post here and get in contact with the cache owner. It would be a shame to archive this cache on this awesome spot. The following link is the Bald Rock 2004 Cache.

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    Default Bummer

    I hope someone does adopt this cache as it is in my opinion the best view of all the ocean caches that I have visited. It is quite the hike but there must be someone from the area that would be willing to adopt it. It's much too far for me though. Help!!!! isn't there someone out there to take care of this situation?

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