I have been approached to adopt the Bald Rock 2004
cache by the cache owner. I assume the reason is that to get to the cache it is quit a hike. I believe the cache owner is in very good health but nearing his late seventies or so and perhaps thinks that the upkeep may be too much. As for my self, I can not commit to have the time to hike this spot 2 or more times per year. Especially now that i have problems currently with my sciatic nerve. I suspect that will end sometime but none the less I have to pass on this offer. Therefore I am putting this out here to see if someone nearby the area or anywhere for that matter, would like to adopt this cache. This is a very nice hike and a beautiful area located in the Coastal Mountain Trust Land. ( Lincolnville/Camden Area). If interested please leave a post here and get in contact with the cache owner. It would be a shame to archive this cache on this awesome spot. The following link is the Bald Rock 2004 Cache.