Well,,,Gail and I did our first night cache last night, and I must say it was awesome!!! It was called Telltale Heart,( GCYY49), placed by Zoltarus. We met up with Dave1976, Girlmate, Mainiac1957, Parmachenee and his better half, Sharon(SP??). It was a Dark night, a little moon showing, perfect for a spooky type cache. The walk in was really neat, you may want to do this with a group, and bring good flashlights. We saw a couple of deer on the walk in. Zoltarus obviously put some time and effort into this cache, and it is a perfect Halloween cache. This would be excellent for kids(not too young), and adults also. The trail gets a little spongey in places, especially with all the rain we have had, so boots might be appropriate. Follow the cache trail instructions and you will have no problem. Thanks to Zoltarus for this unique cache!! Good Job!! Of course the Pizza at Pat"s Pizza in Orono(not too far away) is always a topper after the cache. We highly suggest doing this cache if you want something out of the norm., and before the snow hits. Happy Caching to everyone,,,"Dave and Gail"