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    Well I'm taking my "baby steps" in going paper-less. I now have a Palm T/X and I downloaded GSAK. I do have some questions however . . . and these questions are probably pretty stupid, so bear with me.

    1) What have you found is the best way to do a pocket query so that you get all of the caches . . . and what is the best way to set it up so that the cache info is "fresh"? I did some pocket queries, but it appears as though the query doesn't contain all of the caches from the time period that I requested (i.e. I'm missing info on some of the caches that I placed even though there is info from other caches placed in the same month.)

    2) Really stupid question . . . I have purchased Cachemate . . . now how do I unzip this file and get it on my Palm?

    3) For those folks who have wi-fi Palms . . . I have "connected" to a wi-fi source, but no website info appears on the screen and I get a message saying I cannot connect to my e-mail . . . any help here would be appreciated.

    4) I had an unpleasant experience of scrapping about a dozen notes after inputting the info into the Palm . . . and then I hot-synced and lost all of the calendar info (the tasks and memo info was OK though.) Is there a way to automatically back up this info on to the desktop . . . now I'm always very leary of hot syncing since I fear losing all of the info that I've inputted and to tell you the truth I keep putting more and more info on the Palm . . . it's kind of nice to not have to walk around with a pocket calendar and a dozen scraps of paper with notes scribbled on them.

    Again, any help for this newbie (when it comes to paperless caching) would be much appreciated.

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    You should have someone meet up with you and help. What your asking isn't very hard but doing it through the forums may be difficult.

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    We're new at cachemate and using a palm Z22 - google your question and check the FAQ's. There's a lot of good info out there. Share cool stuff you find out OK?
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    There are tons of tutorials out there for using GSAK and Cachemate on your Palm, just Google them. For more info on GSAK go here:

    For Cachemate info go to these:
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