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Thread: Association or Organization

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    Default Did someone say pie?!?

    Noon on Sunday, exit 167, I'll be there Looks like low 20's and sunny, should be really pretty (except for dragging that darn litter behind us...)
    And let's not forget that when you order a cup of coffee at Dysart's, they put down the whole pot! (Maybe we should do that before the cache, nah, coffee jitters on snowshoes can't be a good thing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainiac1957
    We were talking around noonish. The problem is it's 10 miles back to newport to the Dunkin Donuts. So meeting there makes little sense. My vote is after we do the hike we go up to Dysart's in Hampden and get some of their famous homemade pie(or whatever you're hungry for) and a hot chocolate. As far as where to park, I think we will have to play that one by ear. It's exit 167 and we could meet right at the exit I guess.
    Sounds like a plan. Exit 167...there's nothing there so we can miss each other... ...around noon...we'll wait awhile for everyone to get there.

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