I am disappointed to tell you that after much consideration, I have determined that I will not be able to continue on with my role on the board. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected personal issues, I am finding that I cannot focus on this role the way that I intended to or believe that I should.

This has been a difficult decision for me. When I accepted the opportunity to be on the nominee list, I had full intention of following this through if I was elected. It is not my nature step back from such a commitment after I have accepted it. None-the-less, it is a decision I have had to make and I apologize for having to do this so soon after the group has been established.

The board has decided that the approach to take in response to my resignation is to invite the person that has the next highest number of votes to join the group. That individual is Haffy. I am excited to let you know that he has accepted the invitation. I am sure that he will be a great addition to the team.

Thank you for your trust in me in this role and for understanding the decision that I have made.