Let's celebrate 2006 with an event in Augusta! I was suppose to sign a lease to book the local school's mult-purpose room on Wednesday, but something came up and the other person didn't show up. It looks like I won't get to City Services until next Friday. I plan on having a pot-luck supper where we can recognize the accomplishments of 2006. You can, cross country ski, snow shoe and stay warm at the school. Just down from the school is skating and a great sliding hill. There will be a table for TB's and maybe even a game or two! Of course, there will be caching! Augusta has finally come alive with some new caches in 2006. Cameoooo came up with this idea in a thread about a month ago and I've run with it! I can't post this as an official event until I sign the papers... but here are the tenative dates: Sunday, January 22nd (Snow date... or lack of...January 29th).