Yesterday on a cache adventure with my daughter we encountered our first cache with frozen goodies inside. There was toothpaste, body shimmer gel (2 tubes) and hand sanitizer.

The body shimmer jel had actually broken. Green and orange ooze was seeping out. The hand sanitizer was milky white. Fortunately we had brought some paper towels and it wasn't to bad yet so we cleaned it up and took the items.

Folks have added this swag with good intentions over the summer but now is the time to remove it if it is encountered, I would think. Otherwise some caches are going to soon be a sticky or frozen mess.

Other items which I have seen more, as the summer rolled on, were food stuffs (candy, gum, etc) and scented candles. I had been told these were not a good idea for swag as animals could smell them and would pilfer the cache. Food for thought (no pun intended).

Just some thoughts for all as winter rolls in (which it will). Thanks to all who leave quality swag which won't freeze or attract critters. Also the many cool sig items.

Cache on - winter is coming!