January 21, 2007 (alternate date - January 28th)
Celebrate 2006 - "I'm Sitting!" by Kaching Karen (GCZM1W)
Augusta, Maine

It's now posted everyone! I've always wanted to do a winter event and here it is! If you've got any ideas I'm open to suggestions. Now, for an explanation of the title. When we cache with a group, it is customary for the first people who find the cache, to pretend they are still looking for a while. Then, they proudly announce, "I'm sitting!" and have a seat and enjoy the entertainment of watching the rest of us stuggle to find the cache. Why wait out a long winter without too much geocaching and meeting of friends? Come slide, skate, ski, snowshoe, eat, celebrate, and "sit" at a fun time. Bring the kids and hope for lots of snow!