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Thread: What maps to get?

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    I will tell you a secret. Don't tell them that you are don't have the it. Tell Delorme that you are upgrading. Then you don't have to pay the full price. You only pay the upgrade price. The upgrade is the full version anyway.

    When I bought Topo 5 I only paid somthing like $69. If I was going to get it without telling them it was a upgrade I would have paid $99.
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    Hey Rick don't you know that there are Delorme people that frequent these forums to get ideas from? LOL ...just kidding but when you tell secrets like that maybe it would be a good idea to tell it secretly. I am bidding on one on Ebay and the prices there, are about half off the retail. I havent been disappointed yet with buying anything there . I just purchased a 1 Gig Sd card for my Palm for 48 bux,not bad. Now I need the Street Atlas which I am bidding on and the cord to connect my PDA to my Vista. Where did you get that cord from. Oh wait I forgot you are Bluetooth wireless. How about Bruce or Brad ,where did you purchase your connecting cord? Thanks guys for the info,thats what makes forums like this so darn useful. Haffy And by the way Happy Holidays to all

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    Sheesh! I had to do some hunting, but I knew the answer was in these forums someplace...

    Mainiac1957 recommended this site. It's the cable he used and I got one as well. Seems to work great - connects the GPS and PDA to one power cord, and you can transfer data between the devices. I hang the PDA from my rear-view mirror and have the GPS attached to the window and have an up to date map in front of me all the time.

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    I had to weigh in on this one. I got tired of all the cords in my vehicle so I splurged and bought the Earthmate BlueLogger GPS which also came with the PC version of StreetAtlas 5.0. Since I already have the Palm version, they work together. The BlueLogger stays charged about 12 hrs. so I just turn it on and stick it on the dashboard. My palm won't last that long so I might have to charge it with the adapter. The BlueLogger comes with both a standard charger and car adapter. The pda and gps connect via Bluetooth and I just leave them running in my vehicle while I use my Garmin to do the trekking with me. I have MapSource topo software on the Garmin so I have everything pretty well covered. I'm very happy with the StreetAtlas software. I haven't come across any roads it doesn't list. Of course, I also have my Delorme Atlas at all times as a backup. I wanted to add that I have a 512MB card in the PDA. I have Maine, NH, VT, MA, RI, and the complete route from Maine to Rochester, NY as well as the Rochester area for about 150 miles diameter and I still have 370 MB available.
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