We decided today to climb to the Pisgah Fire Tower to retrieve Katie's TB before it got snowed in for the winter. Now I know that the description says its half an hour hike, I know that Team 2 Hunt made it sound easy, even in the dark and both he and Tat said, yup, half an hour. We arrived at the parking coordinated just before sunset. The hike, argh, was a bit longer and difficult with a couple inches of snow, and kids all dressed in their snow clothes. When we got to the tower there were a couple of people in it. I swear, we swear, that they had a rifle hanging over the edge up there. Were they using the scope as binoculars? The sun was about down now and we had to find that cache quick. Nope, that great new GPSr kept the signal great but the cache wasn't placed with my great and accurate coordinates. That would have been fine without snow but we had no clue where to look. After finding out the batteries were dead in the flashlight, we pulled the new ones out of the camera. Eventually our youngest slipped and fell into the cache. Its pitch black, a small mini mag light, and footprints to follow, we headed back. We contimplated climbing the tower but decided against it. The hike down was creepy, quiet, and no moon. I had to remind the girls that we had a gps and couldn't get lost. Two hours after we started, we arrived back at the car, feeling like we really accomplished something. Next thing we knew a car pulled in, head light and dog to go for a hike. Thanks for bursting our bubble. So that was our first night cache and first snow cache. We had a great time and it was our favorite yet although it would have been nice to watch the sun set up in that tower. Looking foward to our next adventure.