As those of you who know me,I always have enjoyed taking photos of most of the places I have cached and I know lot of you also like to do the same. I would like to suggest a fun way to share in those places and maybe even make it a regular part of this website if it garners enough interest. I am suggesting a thread where a photo is posted in an area where there is a cache located and the first individual to guess where the photo was taken and maybe the cache ID # will get to post their own photo and so on and so on. This I think would be a lot of fun and it will also be a way to show others some of the great places that we have in the the state where there are caches located. I would like to start off with the following photo and the first person to guess where it is and the cache ID # and name of the cache will then get to post their own photo. If you have been here this one will be easy.